A forty year veteran innovator and developer of large-scale economic projects, the Haifa Economic Corporation invests in a myriad of interest areas, including the high-tech and biotech industries, business and commerce enterprises, high-yield real estate investments, renewable energies, tourism, recreation and sports.

The Haifa Economic Corporation has accumulated extensive knowledge and far-reaching experience in scouting and initiating business opportunities while establishing long-term strategic cooperations. The Company's skills and success in its areas of activity add value to any interface with official authorities seeking to develop Haifa.

The Haifa Economic Corporation is financially stable and on a continuous path of growth.  The Company continues to expand its activities as a leading business platform, successfully planning and implementing new initiatives to drive the city's economic development.


Undertaking and achieving a range of successful projects

City Development

Investing in commercial projects for growth, improvement and renewal

Green Environment

Using renewable energies  to create a green future

Initiatives and Partnerships

Developing business initiative to transform visions into reality